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Life Cycles

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Centennial Parklands is home to a variety of living things, many with a unique life cycle to investigate. Life Cycles is a hands on science program full of engaging field work activities for Stage 2 students. 

Stage 2 Science

Go on a bug hunt and see if you can catch an invertebrate during one of its life cycle stages, see if you can spot one of the Parklands’ famous eels and help it complete its final life-cycle stage by designing a migration invention. Visit the Flying Foxes in Lachlan Wetland to learn about their role in the lifecycle of a fig tree.

Life Cycles activities:

  • Use bug nets and bug pots to catch invertebrates during one of their lifecycle stages

  • Visit Lachlan Wetland and the Grey-headed flying fox colony to learn about their special role in the life cycle of a fig tree

  • Hear the story of the journey that freshwater eels take to complete their final life cycle stage and use clay to construct a prototype to solve their migration problems.

Curriculum outcomes and syllabus indicators:

  • ST2-1WS-S questions, plans, and conducts scientific investigation, collects and summarises data and communicates using scientific representations

  • ST2-2DP-T selects and uses materials, tools, and equipment to develop solutions for a need or opportunity

  • ST2-4LW-S compares features and characteristics of living and non-living things

    The Education Access Pass Program covers all program and transport costs for schools with an FOEI higher than 125 and community organisations that work with groups in need. 
    Please contact us directly with the name of the program and your group size and we can help you organise a free program.
    This programs is funded through the Legacy Fund of the Centennial Parklands Foundation


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