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Habitat Explorers

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Step 1 - Contact Information

The submission of this form is a formal request for an excursion booking at Centennial Parklands on the date/s and time/s specified. Once we receive your form we will allocate your booking based off of our availability and will respond with a booking confirmation document.

Students explore the life of a Centennial Parklands animal, investigating how it grows and interacts with other plants and animals, as well as what its habitat needs are for survival.

Stage 1 Science

Habitat Explorer activities:

  • Minibeast hunt/dipnetting or bird walk (seasonal)

  • Habitat building using natural materials

  • Animal games and spotters walk.

Curriculum links and syllabus outcomes:

  • ST1-1WS-S observes, questions and collects data to communicate and compare ideas

  • ST1-2DP-T uses materials, tools and equipment to develop solutions for a need or opportunity

  • ST1-4LW-S describes observable features of living things and their environments

    The Education Access Pass Program covers all program and transport costs for schools with an FOEI higher than 125 and community organisations that work with groups in need. 
    Please contact us directly with the name of the program and your group size and we can help you organise a free program.
    This programs is funded through the Legacy Fund of the Centennial Parklands Foundation


The WILD PLAY Discovery Centre


2 Hours


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