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Sensory Explorers

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The natural world can be experienced to its fullest when using all of the five senses. Sensory Explorers offers children the opportunity to play a variety of sensory-based nature games that will help them to learn about and gain an understanding of the natural landscape.

Early Stage 1 Science

This science program aims to provide Early Stage 1 students with an opportunity to explore the natural world through play-based, scientific and sensory activities.

Sensory Explorer activities:

  • Nature-based sensory games that focus on colour, season, textures, animal behaviour and survival
  • Nature walk and tally chart making, displaying data that outlines plants and animals found in Centennial Parklands
  • Bugliest bug (minibeast) hunt.

Curriculum links and syllabus outcomes:

  • STe-1WS-S observes, questions and collects data to communicate ideas
  • STe-3LW-ST explores the characteristics, needs and uses of living things

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2 Hours


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