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Plant Adaptations in your School

Plant Adaptations

Plants in urban areas come from all different environments – some are native, whilst some have been introduced as garden plants. In this activity, you will survey the range of plant adaptations in your school.

What environment did these plants evolve in?


  • Magnifying glass
  • Pencil
  • Printout of suveying table


  • School grounds



1. Find five plants in your school and draw a simple sketch of each plant in the first column of the survey table worksheet. Label any key features.
2. Describe the environment it is growing in – wet, dry, shady, sunny, wind exposed etc.
3. List any unique features that are adaptations and how they help the plant survive.
4. Can you conclude if the plant is arid or wet-environment adapted?

Survey Table

Plant Sketch Environmental conditions Adaptive features Arid or wet plant?

Discussion Questions

  1. Was there a pattern in the types of plants found at your school?
  2. Was the growth of certain types favoured over others in some locations? Provide possible reasons for this.
  3. Do you think there might be bias affecting conclusions made?