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Calling Out!

Calling Out!

Animals can exhibit an amazing array of behaviours to help with survival, as well as reproduction. Mating displays, dances, and aggressive behaviours towards competitors, are just some of the behaviours that are used when trying to reproduce.

In this activity, you will model the importance of mating calls in frog species.


  • Mating call card - 1 per student (There are enough for 30 students). Click here to download the 'Frog Calling Cards'


  • School grounds


  1. Your teacher will give you one frog card. Look at your card and think about what the mating call of this frog sounds like.
  2. In a 2-minute timeframe, each classmate must find their 'mate' by making the call described on your card. You can only identify your mate by call – you cannot show each other your cards! The game ends when all frogs have partnered (or the time expires).

Discussion questions

  1. Did you successfully find your mate? Why/why not?
  2. Did your call ‘stand out’ from the call of others? If yes, what advantage might that pose for you as an individual? If no, what disadvantage might that pose for your species.
  3. Every frog species has a specific mating call. What is the advantage of this?
  4. What is the benefit of a mating call over a visual display for mate attraction?

Take it outside!


Every frog species makes a different sound. Download the FrogID app to your phone and explore their local environment. Discover which frogs live around you, and use the app to find, record and help validate frog calls.