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Bird Adaptations in your School

Bird Adaptations in your School

Whilst you might see these birds in your suburb every day, urban birds come from all different environments! Some are native, whilst some are introduced.
In this activity, you will survey for bird adaptations in your school.


  • Pencil
  • Printout of survey table


  • School grounds


  1. Find 5 birds in your school and draw a simple sketch of each bird in the first column of your worksheet. Label any key features.
  2. Describe their behaviour. Is the bird solitary or in a flock? Is it always up high, or on the ground? Is it aggressive or skittish?
  3. List any unique structural features (colour, body shape, wing size and shape, feet type, beak type, etc.) that you think are adaptations, and briefly describe how they might help the bird survive.
  4. Can you conclude what environment the bird is adapted to?

Survey Table

Bird name & sketch Behaviour Structural features Original environment

Discussion Questions

  1. Was there a pattern in the types of birds at your school? Suggest possible reasons for this.
  2. Which bird do you think is best adapted to your school grounds? Why do you think this is?
  3. Do you think there might be bias affecting conclusions made?