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Adaptations Sensory Poster

Adaptations sensory poster

Use all of your senses to explain how the features of a chosen plant or animal are adaptations for survival and reproduction in extreme environments.


  • Plastic container 
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Poster / A3 paper
  • Pencils


  1. Select a native organism (plant or animal) of your choice living in an extreme environment (rainforest, arid zone, fire-prone environment, cold climate), and research its adaptations. Use the template below to guide your research.
Name of organism  
Name of environment it lives in  
Description of habitat  
Species distribution (where is its species found?)  
Structural adaptations   Sources used:
Behavioural adaptations   Sources used:
Physiological adaptations   Sources used:
  1. Explore the outdoors and collect materials that have the same textures or colours as any structural features of your chosen organism. You might even consider the sounds of different materials!
  2. Create a sensory poster providing information on the structural, behavioural and physiological adaptations of your chosen plant or animal. In your poster, you must:
    • Write a brief description of where the animal or plant is found. Indicate its geographical distribution, and the type of environment it lives in.
    • Include a visual representation of your organism. Use your collected materials (and other craft materials) to demonstrate some structural adaptations.
    • Label all structural adaptations features and at least two behavioural and/or physiological adaptations. You should include at least five adaptations in total.
    • For each labelled adaptation, include a brief explanation of how that adaptation enables the survival of your plant/animal in its habitat.

Extension: Digitally represent your information (e.g. through video, audio, or text) and use QR codes in place of each labelled feature.


I have...
  • Completed my research template,
  • Included the name of my chosen plant or animal,
  • Included at least five adaptations on my poster,
  • Labelled the diagram of my plant or animal with these adaptations,
  • Included a brief explanation of how each adaptation helps my plant or animal to survive.