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Plants with Bite

Insects are lured with promises of sweet nectar, delightful smells and captivating colours by killer plants. But it’s always too good to be true for the unsuspecting prey as they find themselves trapped, stuck or slipping to their certain death.

There are more than 600 identified species of carnivorous plants. They can be found in nine different plant families and vary widely in appearance and size. The only thing they all have in common is: THE ABILITY TO KILL.  

Join one of Australia's leading carnivours plant experts, Greg Bourke, in this sticky, sneaky and freaky episode of our Branch Out podcast. You'll discover the different tactics these clever killers use to get their next meal. 

Also featured in the episode is Jimmy Turner, the creator and visionary behind the current Plants with Bite exhibition at The Calyx. Discover how his love for horticulture, broadway and microsoft excel lead to the creation of the largest interior green wall in the southern hemisphere! You can check out the freaky and free floral display daily between 10am and 4pm. If you dare...

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