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Desert Plant Craft

Desert Plant Craft

Choose one of the following activites below:

Make a kitchen cactus diorama:

- Cucumbers
- Dry spaghetti
- Crumbs from bread or crumbled crackers

Cut some cucumbers in half and stand them upright on a tray. Stick pieces of uncooked spaghetti into them to represent thorns. Sprinkle the base with crumbs or crumbled crackers to represent the soil. What other types of food can you use for this activity?

Sew felt cacti:

- Sewing kit: scissors, pins, needles, etc
- Felt
- Wool or stuffing material

Using a sewing kit, make some cacti out of felt, which can then be stuffed with wool or other soft material. Always take care when handling sharp objects such as scissors, pins and needles. It is recommended to do this activity with an adult.

Scourer cacti craft:

- Scourers
- Scissors
- Paper cup

Cut out circles with small slits on one side from green dishwashing scourer pads. Attach these circles together at their slits to represent cacti with rounded flat stems.