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Who Pollinates That?

Pollinators can also be flies, moths, butterflies, possums and bats.

All these pollinators help different types of plants as they are attracted to different flowers. Some pollinators like smelly flowers. Some like large flowers. Other pollinators might like to land on brightly coloured flowers.

Who pollinates that? Explore the diversity of plants and their pollinators.

The video shows a wide range of pollinators but is just a snapshot of the great diversity we have on our Earth. When we consider how many plants and animals we have on the Earth, it can be helpful to classify or group these living things. We group living things based on certain features they have. 

We could do this with the plants and animals introduced in this topic by looking at their similarities and differences. 

Activities - Who pollinates that?

1. Watch the 'Pollination' video

Watch the video about the different types of pollinators. Write down all the pollinators you observed. Write a story or a poem about your favourite pollinator.

2. Discuss

How did the birds and bats help the plants? What did the plant give the birds and bats in return for their help? Share your answers with a classmate.

3. Test yourself

Play the 'Match the Pollinator' game below and see how many you get right!
Go outside with a friend and choose a flower. Ask your friend which pollinator would like this flower. Then swap over and let them test you with a different flower. Repeat three times to really test your knowledge!

4. Grouping pollinators

The video showed many different pollinators. Try grouping them based on their external features and complete the activity sheet here.

5. Think about pollination

This video only mentioned pollinators that are living. Think about a method of pollination that is non-living and share it with your class. Which plants might be pollinated this way? Why?