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The Cycle of Life

People look a lot different as adults from when they were a baby. Pollinators also looks different at various stages of their life cycle too.

What is a life cycle? 

A life cycle is the different stages an animal or plant goes through from the beginning of its life until it reaches the end of its life. For example, most plant's life begins as a seed, then sprouts into a seedling, before growing into an adult plant. At this stage it produces flowers which make seeds ready for dispersal and its life cycle repeats. The pollinators of these plants also have life cycles which differ from each other.  

Watch the life cycle of a sunflower time lapse video below:

Activities - The cycle of life

1. Plant life cycle

View the time lapse video of the sunflower. Can you label the stages of the plant life cycle?

2. Listening

Listen to the story below about two different pollinators (Billy and Roberta) learning all about their own life cycle, and that of a friend. Test your listening skills by then completing Quiz 1 and Quiz 2.  


3. Diorama

Look at the diagrams of a bird and butterfly life cycle below. 
In your school garden or your backyard, make a diagram of one of these pollinator's life cycles using loose natural objects from the ground. Discuss the main differences in the life cycles with your friends. 
Diagram showing the lifecycle of a Butterfly and Lorikeet


4. Spotto

Go outside and see if you can find the various parts of a plant’s life cycle. Can you find a seed? A flower on an adult plant? A fruit? Can you spot a seedling? Draw all the different stages you find.