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Build Your Own Bee Hotel

Insect pollinators are declining across the globe due to lack of suitable habitat, climate change and the use of pesticides. This is terrible news considering how much we rely on then to pollinate plants for our own food production. But you can do your bit to help by providing a safe haven for our pollinators - by making your own bee hotel!

Getting Started

  • logs with holes drilled in them
  • bricks
  • mud
  • clay
  • dry leaves
  • bark
  • hollow bamboo sticks
  • A container (box, tin can tec.)

How do I make one?

  1. Put your container on the ground with the open side facing up
  2. Fill the container with your materials so the ends are all poinring upwards 
  3. Make sure you pack the container tightly so the twigs and sticks dont move around
  • Place your bee hotel in a spot that gets sun and shade and make sure its is placed securely so it doesnt tip over. 
  • It's best to put your hotel undercover so it doesnt get wet when it rains.

Wood and bamboo bee hotel

Who might visit?

What should I feed my guests?

It is best to plant native species from your local area. Your local nursery may be a good place to visit and ask. However banksias, callistemons, and melaleucas are great plants full of nectar and pollen. Other plants the bees seem to love include lavender, daisies, rosemary, sage and basil.

Cartoon strip of Blue Banded bees