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Homes for Plants and Pollinators

Without pollinators we would have no food!

Think about what you had for breakfast this morning. Did you have cereal? Or toast? We get both of these from plants. Did you have honey on your toast? That honey was made by both plants and bees. Perhaps you had juice? This is from the fruit of pollinated plants. We can help animals and plants to grow food for us by making homes for them, for example beehives for bees to make honey or a greenhouse to protect our vegetables from being eaten or damaged. 

See how to make your own habitat for pollinators in your school

We even make our own honey here at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.


You can also learn more about the bees we keep here on our BranchOut podcast!

Activities - Homes for plants and pollinators

Illustration of a girl building a habitat1. Greenhouse construction

Greenhouses assist plants to grow quickly and healthily. Try making your own greenhouse for a plant which you could add to your school habitat garden. Click here to view our Activity Sheet.


2. Design your own! Illustration of gumnuts, leaves and sticks

Using natural objects from the ground found in your backyard or school garden, design your own greenhouse or beehive! Or maybe you want to design a birdhouse? Think about where you would put it in your garden.  


Illustration of boy drawing a leaf on paper3. Getting crafty

Re-create what a beehive might look like on the inside. See the instructions here.
Make some origami bees to live in the beehive. See the instructions here.


4. Make your own Bee HotelIllustration of boy looking at a bee hotel in a tree

Do you have old bricks with holes in them in your backyard? Perhaps you could make your own Bee Hotel? Click here to view our Activity Sheet. You will need help from a parent or a teacher. 

  • Banner image of a bee hive taken by Richard Dimon 

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