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Parts of Plants

Most plants start their life as a seed which slowly grows into its roots, stems, leaves and often into fruits and flowers too.

To start growing, the seeds of a plant needs three things: water, soil and sunlight. The seed germinates in the soil and begins to grow roots underground. Next it grows shoots, upwards towards the sun. Over time, it will develop leaves to capture sunlight. When plants are mature, most will produce flowers to reproduce through pollination. Once pollinated, the flower will die and in its place a fruit containing seeds will form, and the life cycle will be repeated.

Time lapse of a flowering Baby Raspberry Chocolate orchid (Oncidium sp.) video by: Valeriu Pintilie 2020   

Watch below as Paul discusses the Johnston's River Almond and its important parts

Draw Your Plant's Life Cycle

Activities - Parts of Plants

1. Grow your own bean

Grow your own bean plant  following the instructions on the 'Growing a Bean' activity sheet.
Plants grow slowly, and it may be difficult to watch each stage with detail, so why not draw a picture (or take a photo) of your plant every day. You can make a flip book like that in the video below to watch the stages. 

2. Story time

Press play and read the story about some animals eating at a Cafe (press pause if you need to). Then match the part of a plant each animal eats. Can you think of something, for each part of the plant, the people at the end of the story may order from the cafe? 

3. Create your own plant

Draw and colour your own plant parts and share any cool features that your plant has. It does not need to be based on a real plant. Be creative! Does the seed have any special shapes? Do the leaves have patterns? How will the flower look?  Use the 'Draw Your Plants Life Cycle' activity sheet for inspiration.   

Banner image by Naomi Huynh, 2016.