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What will we see?

Features are what we see around us. Some are natural - they are part of the earth; and some are constructed - they have been created by people.

Parks are a great place to have fun while exploring natural and constructed features. Centennial Parklands is a big park right in the middle of the city that many people use for exercise and enjoyment. Within Centennial Parklands we have a special place called The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden. Can you spot the natural and constructed features in this special place?

Activities - What will we see?

1. Match the features card game

Time to match. Using the tiles below, correctly match the pictures with the corresponding words.

Test your memory. Turn the tiles over one at a time to find the matching picture and word. 

Test your knowledge. Group the cards into natural features and constructed features. 

2. Play a running game

Designate two spots up to 30 metres apart: one that represents natural features and one that represents constructed features. Designate someone as ‘the caller’. The caller calls out examples of different features and everyone must run to the correct spot. You can use the cards from the matching game or make up your own features.

3. Spotto walk

Go for a walk around your school or neighbourhood and look for both natural and constructed features. When you return, list the features you saw and draw a map of your journey and where all the features were. Share in a group or with the class. (Can also be done individually) 

4. Design your own Perfect Park

Brainstorm the things you enjoy in a park. In groups spend some time discussing, planning and writing your ideas down. Then get creative. What is your ideal place to play in? What features are you going to include? Draw your design or make a Perfect Park diorama (miniature scale model in a box). 

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