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The Eastern Snake-Necked Turtle is an example of a reptile!

As Percy is leaving, she notices something in the sand. It’s a collection of turtle eggs! She then notices in the dark two shiny eyes and two very pointy ears staring at the eggs too. It’s a fox preying on the turtle nest!  

‘Oh no’, thinks Percy, ‘what can I do?’  She must create a distraction and try to get the fox away to protect the eggs but she also needs to be careful not to become dinner for this fox. As Percy is quickly planning what to do, Tass, the eastern snake-necked turtle, has wandered up out of the water to visit her eggs.  

Poor Tass, what should Percy do?? Suddenly, there is a bright light. It’s a Park Ranger roaming the park at night to make sure everything is secure. The torch light of the Ranger shines in the fox's eyes and scares it. The fox slinks away into the darkness to search for her next potential meal.  

‘Phew’, thinks Percy, ‘a narrow miss.’ Knowing that Tass and the turtle eggs are safe, Percy decides to move on.  
Fun Fact – Eastern snake-necked turtles get their snake-like name because they have a very long neck. When they are hunting, their neck strikes out fast and they catch their prey by surprise.  

Activities - Reptiles

1. Parts of a turtle

2. Build Tass a habitat

In groups or individually, build a habitat for Tass. What do turtles need? Use cardboard boxes, loose parts like sticks and leaves, and craft materials. 

3. Life cycle of a turtle

4. Predator Vs Prey - Turtle and Fox Game

  • Have everyone sit in a circle and choose someone to be the turtle. The turtle sits in the middle of the circle guarding their nest of eggs either blindfolded or with their eyes closed. You can use balls or other objects as the eggs. 
  • All the others in the circle are the foxes. Choose a fox to come prowling and try to steal the eggs from the turtle’s nest.  
  • If the turtle hears any foxes coming, they point in the direction of the fox. 
  • If the turtle points directly at a fox, they must go back to the circle. 
  • If the fox is successful in stealing an egg, the fox then becomes the turtle. 
  • Make the game more difficult by sending multiple foxes prowling at the same time. 
Banner Image: John Wombey, CSIRO