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This Rainbow Lorrikeet is an example of a bird!

Percy has had so much fun meeting all her friends through the night, but she has now arrived at her home in the hollow of the tree, looking forward to sleeping for the day. Percy is surprised when she tries to enter as there seems to be another creature that has moved in: Lori the rainbow lorikeet! Lori has made a home where Percy has been living.  

‘Um, excuse me. But this is my home...’ says Percy shyly.  

‘I need this hollow to lay my eggs and rear my young.’ explains Lori.  

‘Can’t you do it somewhere else?’ asks Percy. Percy can see that Lori has been hard at work chewing the entrance to the hollow to create wood chips for the nest.  

‘Not really, these nest hollows are really important for us. Especially during our breeding season,’ says Lori.  

What a pickle they are in! Who should have the hollow for their home? 

Fun Fact – Rainbow lorikeets’ favourite foods are pollen and nectar and they have specialised, bristle-brush tongues for reaching deep inside flowers to collect these sweet treats. 

Activities - Birds

1. Parts of a bird

2. Build Lori a habitat

In groups or individually, build a habitat for Lori. What do birds need?  Use cardboard boxes, loose parts like sticks and leaves, and craft materials. 

3. Life cycle of a bird

4. Can you come up with the end of this story?  

  • What can Percy and Lori do to make sure they both have homes and protection for their young? 
  • If you are working in a small group, share your ending with the rest of the group. 
  • Act it out, tell the story, draw pictures, build or make things, create puppets... be creative! 
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