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Fire Plan Research

Fire Plan Research

Work in teams to gather data specific to your local area. Use your best research skills to learn the following:

Field work 

To find out 

Helpful sources 


Population size, rural or urban?  

National parks, endangered animals? 



Length of hot and dry seasons, rainfall, lightning strikes, prevailing wind speed and direction? 

Bureau of Meteorology 

Bushfire fuels 

Vegetation types, area and density of vegetation, forest types: old growth, rainforest etc, wetlands, grasslands?  

Google Earth 


Flat or undulating landscape, mountains, rivers, dams? 

Google Earth 

Aboriginal sites 

Scar trees, rock art, burial places, water holes, historic sites?  

Local knowledge 


Town centres, developments, homes, infrastructure eg power lines, bridges, historic sites, old growth forest? 

Google Earth 


Roads: one or two-way, 4WD access, any barriers: eg sand, fences and creeks? 

Google Earth 

Water supply 

Fire trucks, hydrants, rivers, tanks, bores, static water supply? 

Local fire brigade 

Fire knowledge and management 

Cool burn methods used locally, plans from the local fire brigade? 

Local fire brigade, Aboriginal community knowledge, Cool Australia website