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Map Wall

Create a Map Wall

What you need:

  • Google Maps satellite image of Lake Tyers VIC,  
  • Fires Near Me map of Australia,  
  • Dot paint artwork by Aboriginal artist showing land features,  
  • Mud map image


Some students will enjoy the challenge of drawing their own map whilst looking at a map on the whiteboard.


1. Go to Google Earth ( and search for your local town. Take a screen shot of the map and select print.

2. Whilst in Google Earth, zoom in on Lake Tyers where the Banana Women live. Take a screen shot here and print that too.

3. Use the Fires Near Me app to see where bushfires are currently burning. Take a screen shot here and print that too. 

4. Find an example of an authentic Aboriginal artwork that shows land features viewed from above e.g. tracks and waterholes. Be sure to name the artist and learn about them. 

5. Take photos of the mud maps made by the students in 'Bushfires Effect Everyone'. Add these to the wall too! 

6. Use your map wall to display learning as it builds throughout this topic.