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Wollemi Pine Life Cycle

Discover the life cycle of these ancient trees.

An understanding of seed production and the growth rates of seedlings and juvenile plants has been essential research into conservation of the Wollemi Pine.
Revisit the images of seed cones, seeds and seedlings in the Introducing the Wollemi Pine image gallery.
Detailed descriptions of the life cycle stages are in the growth section of Ecology of the Wollemi Pine.

Wollemi Pine life cycle activity

  • Draw a labelled diagram illustrating the life cycle of a Wollemi Pine. Include:
    • the growth of the male and female seed cones
    • pollination by the male cones
    • the release of seeds from the ripe female seed cone
    • seedling, juvenile and adult growth stages
  • Annotate the diagram with interesting facts about each stage, such as the height of the tallest Wollemi Pine in the wild, the growth rate of seedlings and the time it takes for female seed cones to ripen.