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The People's Park

Centennial Park is one of Sydney's most important and historic sites. Children will learn about the history of 'The People's Park' from pre-colonial times to present-day.

Stage 2 History

Learn about Australia’s natural and human history by journeying through time and place in Centennial Park. Find out about the importance of fresh water to the survival of colonial Sydney, role-play life in the colony, and re-enact an important day in Australia’s history on the very spot where it happened.

In the People’s Park, students will hear stories, create drama and participate in activities centred around the construction of Busby’s Bore, the vision of Sir Henry Parkes, and visit the site of the signing of the Federation document in 1901. This program includes a trip to the Federation Pavilion.

The People's Park activities will include:

  • Role-playing the daily life of free settlers and convicts in the early colony
  • Re-enacting Federation Day on the site of the original event!
  • Investigate the role that Sir Henry Parkes and James Busby played in the role of shaping the Parklands and Sydney itself.

Syllabus Outcomes

  • HT2-1 identifies celebrations and commemorations of significance in Australia and the world
  • HT2-2 describes and explains how significant individuals, groups, and events contributed to changes in the local community over time
  • HT2-5 applies skills of historical inquiry and communication


The WILD PLAY Discovery Centre


2 Hours


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