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Environmental Change and Management, Wetland Ecosystems

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Students begin work on a geographical depth study into the causes and consequences of environmental change and evaluate the Parklands management responses for its urban wetland in the past, present and future. 


The WILD PLAY Discovery Centre


2.5 Hours / Can be extended by up to 2 hours


Stage 5 Geography

Environmental Change and Management of Wetland Ecosystem excursion activities:

  • Mud-mapping and field sketching of the Parklands’ pond system

  • Turbidity study to assess storm water quality

  • Biological sampling of understory vegetation to determine biodiversity

  • Investigate ponds management practices to determine their effectiveness.

Curriculum outcomes and syllabus indicators:

  • GE5-5 - Assesses management strategies for places and environments for their sustainability

  • GE5-3 - Analyses the effect of interactions and connections between people, places and environments

  • GE5-2 - Explains processes and influences that form and transform places and environment

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