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18 Oct 2023

Connect, conserve and contribute through volunteering

Centennial Parklands, with its historical, social, and environmental significance, relies in part on the crucial role that volunteers play in sustaining this unique landscape, ensuring the safety of local wildlife and more than 30 million annual park visitors.  

Volunteers have contributed over $1.4 million of in-kind value to the Parklands over the past seven years and volunteering efforts are highly valued to ensure financial sustainability.  

Our volunteers engage in various tasks, including expanding natural areas, conserving endangered species and plant communities, cleaning up green spaces, and participating in citizen science projects – all of which are essential for the well-being of the Parklands.  

If you've ever considered volunteering at Centennial Parklands, now is the perfect time to seize this opportunity and experience the personal benefits of contributing to the community and environment while gaining new skills and making lasting connections. Check out the list of current volunteering projects available for you to get involved in below:  

Habitat Restoration (Weekly Wednesdays) 

Every Wednesday, a dedicated team comes together to carry out habitat restoration work along the Guriwal Trail and the neighbouring Small Bird Habitat. Their main objectives are to enhance the park's natural areas by undertaking the removal of weeds, mulching, and performing necessary maintenance covering almost 6 hectares. Additionally, they aim to boost the park's habitat value by planting native species that attract birds and other wildlife, ultimately creating vital wildlife corridors.   

This project is a perfect fit for volunteers who have a passion for preserving local ecosystems, especially those interested in native plant restoration and creating vital wildlife corridors while developing skills in bush regeneration and plant identification. 

Nursery Group (Fortnightly) 

The fortnightly Nursery Group is a smaller gathering that convenes every two weeks, spending three hours at the Discovery Centre Nursery from 9:00am. This nursery is equipped with excellent facilities for propagation, seed raising, and plant storage.   

The primary objectives and activities of the group involve:  

  • Propagating native species from locally sourced seeds, which will be used in various Parkland projects focused on bush regeneration and habitat restoration.
  • Raising plants for our annual plant sales.
  • Ensuring the upkeep of purchased plant stocks, which will be later planted.
  • ​Caring for the plants in and around the Discovery Centre, which is an essential part of maintaining the nursery's surroundings.  

This group is ideal for nature enthusiasts and gardening lovers who are passionate about propagating native species, participating in bush regeneration, and contributing to habitat restoration in the Parklands, all the while enjoying a social setting.

Bush Regeneration (Monthly Sunday morning) 

Once a month, a larger group comes together for a Sunday morning dedicated to bush regeneration at Centennial Parklands. The gathering takes place from 9:30am to 12:30pm, focusing on sites within the Parklands that host remnants of the endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS). A significant portion of this precious vegetation community still thrives within the Parklands.

This project is well-suited for dedicated volunteers who can commit to a monthly Sunday morning session, eager to acquire valuable skills in precise techniques like weeding and planting and are passionate about preserving the endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS) within Centennial Parklands.

Bat Surveys (Quarterly) 

Every quarter, a small group of volunteers embark on an extraordinary mission - counting the flying foxes in Centennial Parklands' central paperbark swamp. Here, the iconic flying fox camp, home to more than 20,000 Grey Headed and Black Flying Foxes, congregates to rest and breed, creating an amazing spectacle during their sunset fly-out. This data from the count significantly contributes to ongoing research and underscores the importance of urban refuges like our Parklands.  

This volunteer project is ideal for those passionate about conservation and citizen science You’ll contribute to ongoing research on these vital but declining species by observing and counting Grey Headed Flying Foxes in Centennial Parklands as they take flight at dusk to forage across the Sydney basin.

Bird Surveys (Quarterly) 

Every three months, a dedicated group of bird lovers collaborates with Birdlife NSW to conduct bird surveys in and around the Parklands. Experienced and expert birdwatchers guide small groups through the Parklands to specific, well-established locations where they conduct standardised surveys over four weeks in each season. During these surveys, they take leisurely walks through the park, spending a set amount of time observing and listening for various bird species. They explore different areas, such as the ponds, the remaining Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub, and the bushier parts of Centennial Park.  

Your involvement will contribute to valuable data collection for conservation efforts in the Parklands. It's a rewarding and educational experience for those who share a passion for birdwatching, have a bit of experience under their belt, and want to make a meaningful impact on the local environment.  

Corporate volunteering 

Corporate volunteering at Centennial Parklands presents a unique opportunity for businesses to actively engage with their communities and contribute to social and environmental causes. It goes beyond monetary donations and fosters a sense of responsibility and shared values among employees. Corporate volunteering provides a platform for team building and skill development as employees collaborate on various environmental projects. The shared experiences and learning from these activities often lead to more cohesive and motivated workforces.

Our corporate volunteer sessions are tailor-made for individual corporate groups, with sessions held every Thursday and accommodate groups from 13 to 50.  

Expressions of interest – Fence painting (10 kilometres to be painted white)

More recently, our team has developed a fun and engaging activity that can host up to 200 people. There is over 10km of equestrian fencing around the Parklands that are required to be painted white for the safety of both horses and the public. Keeping those fences maintained and upkept is an ongoing job. Your organisation could help us by participating in a group fence painting morning, which can easily extend into an afternoon enjoying the beautiful Parklands.

Know a team that wants to get involved?
Please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator by emailing Dave Harrington at or contacting our office at

Want to get involved in our volunteer programs? 

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with our work in the Parklands, whether you're a local resident, corporate group looking to give back to the community, school group, or passionate birdwatcher. Other volunteer opportunities include litter collection, photography, visitor surveying, brochure distribution and assisting major events.  

Check out our website or head straight to our Myimpact site to register your interest.

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