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Centennial Park car-free weekends FAQs

Centennial Park will be car free every weekend, at the request of NSW Police, to help manage the large crowds in the Park and ensure adherence to COVID-safe rules. Police are concerned about group gatherings and other activities in the Park that are not complying with current health orders. With the onset of warmer weather, we are expecting more visitors, so can now provide more space for COVID-safe exercise by removing cars from the Park as long as the lockdown continues.
The main gates will reopen to Grand Drive starting the weekend of 16 October. Internal roads, Parkes Drive and Dickens Drive, will remain closed to cars for the weekend of the 16 and 17 October and reopen the following weekend, 23 and 24 October.
Parking is available on surrounding streets including Driver Avenue, Oxford Street, York Road, Darley Road, Martin Road and Robertson Road. Parking is also available at the Entertainment Quarter carpark. Visitors will only be able to enter the Parklands on foot.
Disability access entry will be via Jervois Ave gates and then parking will be in Jervois Ave. No public vehicles will be allowed onto Grand Drive.

From 12.01am on Monday 13 September, gatherings in groups of up to five people (excluding children under 12) will be allowed in Centennial Parklands only if ALL the adults are fully vaccinated. There are no time restrictions for these gatherings but they must take place in a person’s Local Government Area or within 5km of home. Proof of vaccination and a valid photo ID will need to be shown if asked by Police who will be patrolling the Parklands to enforce COVID-restrictions including gatherings, mask-wearing and social distancing.

It was great to see an unprecedented level of picnicking over the weekend, and people safely enjoying the parklands with the easing of restrictions. However, this also led to an unprecedented increase in rubbish being left behind.

We provide waste facilities for park visitors which are emptied each day, including weekends. This is increased at peak times, particularly with the onset of spring and during school holidays.
Additional collections have been organised at key locations, for the remainder of the car free weekends, and staff will also monitor the situation and provide additional resources as needed.
All visitors to Centennial Parklands are asked to dispose of their rubbish responsibly in the waste stations provided or, if the bins are full, take their rubbish with them.
Everyone in the Greater Sydney Area must follow the current COVID-19 rules.  We are working closely with NSW Police who are regularly patrolling the Parklands. In order to remain open, we’re asking everyone to cooperate with Police and NSW Health Orders to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, please note that our Rangers do not have the authority to fine or charge visitors in breach of these rules, so it is imperative that breaches are reported directly to Police by contacting Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or they can be reported online. 

Mask wearing is mandatory when outside your home, except when exercising.

Cyclists will still be required to use the dedicated cycle lane and obey the 30km/h speed limit. There will be traffic management in place and clear signage and bollards to ensure pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy the space separately and safely. All visitors to Centennial Parklands must follow all COVID-safe guidelines including social distancing and keeping exercise groups to the people you live with or one person you do not live with. We ask pedestrians and cyclists to be alert and watch out for each other when using the roads (particularly when crossing from one side to the other) and stay safe.  
Cyclists have their own dedicated cycle lane with a signposted speed limit of 30km/h. Cyclists are required by law to follow this speed limit and give way to pedestrians at all times. Traffic management equipment and clear signage is in place to ensure pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy the space separately and safely.

Our Rangers work tirelessly to ensure that everyone is reminded of Parklands rules. Bicycles are not identifiable by a registration plate or similar as cars are, and it is not always possible or safe for the Police to intercept moving cyclists and issue infringements, particularly if they are travelling at speed and choose not to stop.
Centennial Parklands is one of the most dog-friendly parks in Sydney, with a large area (43%) designated as off-leash. For a full list of where dogs are and aren’t allowed is available here –
Dog owners are reminded that dogs are not allowed within ten metres of ponds and lakes (for the protection of wildlife), playgrounds and the designated horse track and must be under effective control as all times.
To report an incident with a dog, you can contact Ranger Services on 0412 718 611, so they can respond and investigate.
The Homestead, Fearnley Grounds and Wild Play toilets are currently cleaned three times a day. We also entrust that our community will also play their part to help keep our toilets clean and tidy. To help improve maintenance of our facilities, we encourage the community to report specific incidences by phone to our rangers on 0412 718 611 or to email us at