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Moore Park Master Plan 2040

The ‘recreational heartbeat’ of our city since 1866, Moore Park is one of Australia’s most culturally significant parks with a rich and varied history. It is a place for everyone, providing numerous benefits for our community - a place to play, a place to relax, a place to be entertained and a place to gather.

In its 150 year history Moore Park has never had a comprehensive master plan. Developed over 2 years, Moore Park 2040 addresses this need providing a blueprint to guide the direction and management of the Park over the next 25 years. You can view the Plan via this link:

Download the master plan

Key features of the Plan

  • More trees and 'greening’ of the Park (250 trees to be planted)
  • Improved access for cyclists and pedestrians (10 kilometres of new and enhanced pathways)
  • Greater provision for passive recreation (11% increase in space for passive recreational activities)
  • Greater emphasis on heritage conservation
  • New and enhanced facilities for high performance and community sport
  • Rationalisation of car parking
  • Integration with the new Light Rail network

Consultation – how we listened to you

Extensive consultation was undertaken in two stages in developing the master plan. Initially, ‘7 Big Ideas for Moore Park’ were exhibited for a six week period in August – September 2015 to get public and stakeholder input on the future of Moore Park. Based on feedback from this process a draft plan was prepared.

The draft plan was then publicly exhibited in November – December 2016 and following a strong public awareness campaign and an eight week consultation process, over 700 responses were received (a combination of formal submissions, online surveys and face-to-face discussions).

What you loved about the Plan:

This feedback was critical in influencing the final recommendations of the Plan.

Implementing the Plan

While Moore Park is a long term strategic planning document we have already begun working on a number of key projects recommended in the Plan including:

  • Facilitation of the NSW Government’s South East Light Rail project
  • Upgrading the Moore Park Golf Driving Range
  • Restoration of the historically significant Toll House
  • Extensive tree planting
  • Stage 1 (new car park) of the redevelopment of ES Marks Field
  • Relocation of the Anzac Obelisk to Moore Park East.

You can keep in touch with us, and learn more about the progress in implementing the plan through: