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Rose Pruning Techniques

The rose is a timeless symbol of romance, beauty and the signature of a good gardener.

In Centennial Park, the rose garden next to Busby's Pond is continually praised for its blooms and we thought it was time to let you in on the secret.

Roses are both beautiful and demanding flowers, they need attention all year round and winter months are no exception. Winter pruning is crucial to the wellbeing of the plant and encourages the best flowering.

Nurturing tips

  • Always carry out winter pruning over July/August when then threat of frost has passed
  • Sterilise secateurs between each rose bush to prevent transfer of disease
  • Ensure you always cut above the bud at a 45 degree angle leaning away from the bud so water droplets can run off
  • Buds should be facing outwards to increase airflow through the bush and do not prune water shoots until flower is finished

Steps for pruning

  • Clear away all the mulch from around the base of the bush
  • Remove dead, diseased and dying wood
  • Take out all crossing branches
  • Prune branches growing towards the centre
  • Cut remaining branches to the specified height of the rose variety
  • Apply lime sulphur to the plant and surrounding soil to address fungal spores that go dormant over winter.

Further information

More detailed information on roses, plants and the management of native and introduced plant species can bbe found on the Botanic Garden Trust's PlantNet website.