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Environmental Policy Statement

Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands (BGCP) is strongly committed to protecting, conserving and enhancing our environment. As custodians of unique botanic gardens, parklands and collections we have a responsibility to continuously improve our environmental performance, in partnership with the many users of the sites.

Our Environmental Vision is to provide an environment which is sustainable and through our diverse and important spaces provide a benefit for current and future generations.

We aim to achieve our vision through continual environmental improvement and by implementing an Environmental Management System that includes prevention of pollution; fulfilling regulatory and compliance obligations; and ensures all users of the BGCP environment – staff, contractors, volunteers, tenants and visitors – are aware of the factors that govern and enhance environmental performance in the following areas:

  • HERITAGE - Conserve and enhance natural, indigenous and cultural heritage
  • EDUCATION - Promote environmental awareness and take action to improve our environment through education
  • BIODIVERSITY - Enhance fauna and flora biodiversity, protect threatened species, practice environmentally sound pest & weed management
  • WATER - Improve water quality and sustainable water use
  • ENERGY - Improve energy efficiency and increase our use of renewable energy measures
  • WASTE - Recover, recycle and develop innovative waste reduction strategies
  • TRANSPORT - Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable transport options
  • POLLUTION - Minimise noise, air, soil and water pollution
  • STAKEHOLDERS - Ensure all stakeholders are included in decision making processes to achieve environmentally responsible development and events.

In particular we dedicate our efforts towards achieving the vision through measurement and monitoring, being accountable, transparent and diligent, providing appropriate resources, information, instruction and training.

Kim Ellis
Director and Chief Executive
Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands

24 September 2018