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South-West Corner Natural Area Restoration

Centennial Park’s South West Corner provides a habitat for a diverse range of native wildlife, contains remnant native vegetation, pine groves and exotic grasses. It is an area that is enjoyed and highly valued by the local community. This year, Centennial Parklands is proactively working with volunteers to address issues of erosion and habitat degradation in the area.

  • Project: South-West Corner Natural Area Restoration
  • Location: South-West Corner (Wild Outer Park), Centennial Park
  • Project timing: July 2020 to March 2023
  • Project owner: Centennial Parklands in collaboration with our volunteer programs.

Project description

The project involves restoring an area of over 2,020 m2 using native plants and weeding techniques.

The project aims to strengthen the ‘wild woodland’ character of the area by increasing the number of trees and native grasses as well as the health of waterbodies by increasing the vegetated buffer around the ponds. In addition to increasing the habitat values in this sector, the project includes stabilising areas impacted by erosion.

The restoration works also aim to conserve and enhance the significant Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS) vegetation community, which is listed as an endangered community under both the Commonwealth and State Biodiversity Legislation.

Key benefits of the project include:

  • reducing erosion

  • new plantings to maintain the Parklands’ heritage and integrity

  • maintaining the special character of the Wild Outer Park

  • restore native flora and provide habitat for wildlife

  • protect the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (an endangered ecological community).

Project works

Works will include:

  • weeds mown / slashed

  • herbicide spray in small area (300 m2) to prepare site for planting

  • removal of 3 dead pine trees for safety reasons

  • planting of 150 trees, shrubs and grasses

  • temporary fencing to allow plant establishment

  • erosion control.

The Parklands has identified five sites for restoration: 

  • Beach #1 at the north-western lobe of Kensington Pond

  • Beach #3 at Kensington Pond west

  • Kensington Ponds Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub area

  • South West Corner pine grove replacement

  • Tribal Warriors Protecting our Places (POP) project.

The aerial photo mark-up below outlines the project’s site locations.

Map of natural area restoration works in Centennial Park's South West Corner
Figure 1: Site Locations for South West Corner 2020 Project

Site management plans

Management of South West Corner is directed by the following key documents including:

Further information

If you have any questions, please contact Centennial Parklands’ Environmental Officer, Amara Glynn, via email at