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Randwick Gates works

Greater Sydney Parklands is committed to maintaining and enhancing natural areas in Centennial Parklands.

Project: Randwick Gates works
Location: Mission Fields access road, Opposite Randwick Gates – adjacent to Equestrian Grounds / Church Grounds, Centennial Parklands
Project Delivery: 20 April to late-May
Project Owner: Greater Sydney Parklands

Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to repair the water sewer which had a failure on Thursday 14 April.

Project description

Works will be delivered in several stages by Sydney Water:
18 April – 24 April

  • The dewatering truck will pump from the closest pit to the failure and take off site with about a 30-minute turnaround time. This activation will continue till late-April

  • Sydney Water Contractor, Interflow, will begin excavation to the failed section. This will allow them to install one pump for the groundwater at the depth of failure and a second pump for the sewer diversion.

  • Excavation works will continue to install timber shoring to water table level in designated work compound area.

 25 April – 1 May

  • To minimise Environmental damage on site and reduce safety hazards on cyclists, pedestrians and horses Interflow will use a method called NDD (non-destructive digging) unit for excavation across horse track, pedestrian path and road.

  • From 26 to 28 April (7.00pm – 5.00am), Interflow will be installing sewer/ ground water diversion as per the images below.


Mission Fields access road, Opposite Randwick Gates – adjacent to Equestrian Grounds / Church Grounds, Centennial Parklands.

Impacts of works

Greater Sydney Parklands is working closely with contractors undertaking the works to mitigate impacts on visitors and the environment.
The area will be completely fenced off while works are underway. Visitors in this area of the Parklands may experience noise from machinery.
Mission Fields access will remain open for all users except for a small 3-hour window early next week when the diversion is commenced.

The dewatering truck will continue to operate daily so please follow the signage and traffic control in place.

Residents will be notified by Sydney Water if night shifts are required to install the sewer diversion.

From 25 April to 1 May, the first access gate into Equestrian Grounds will be closed so maintenance or emergency services vehicles will need to use the gates further north on the access road. All works within the asphalt areas will be completed in their original condition and material type so impacts through the day are not expected.

On Wednesday 4 May from 9am to 4pm, a vacuum truck will be parked on the cycle lane. Please be careful and follow the signage in place if you are cycling in the area.

Constructions hours

Once the diversion has been installed, construction operational hours will be restricted to 7:00am to 5.30pm Monday – Friday with no work on weekends or public holidays.

Any work outside these hours will require approval and will be notified via signage on site, parkland notices and this project page.