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Queens Park Amenities Building

Greater Sydney Parklands is committed to providing exceptional facilities and amenities to support participation in sporting and cultural activities in our parklands.

The Queens Park Amenities Building project will involve the removal of the current building and replacement with a state-of-the-art building to deliver new and enhanced facilities for park users and the community.

  • Project: Queens Park Amenities Building

  • Location: Baronga Avenue Queens Park

  • Project delivery: 14 February to late August 2022 (weather permitting)

  • Consultation dates: Centennial Parklands conducted an amenities’ review in April 2003 which included community consultation. Toilets came out as the highest priority that needed improvement in the Park. The Queens Park Masterplan 2005 identifies an upgrade to the existing amenities at Queens Park as a key priority.

  • Project owner: Greater Sydney Parklands with funding from NSW Planning Industry and Environment Cluster.
Project progress in April 2022

Project description

Queens Park is a popular public park located to the east of Centennial Park and Moore Park. The Park includes a range of facilities including sporting fields, playground equipment, a café and two amenities buildings. Queens Park is a popular location, catering to both informal and organised sporting activity as well as providing much needed open space for the broader community. It is action packed all year round with touch football, Oz Tag and cricket throughout summer along with a raft of school sport. Winter is a combination of soccer, touch, rugby and schools' sport.  

GSP proposes to demolish and replace the existing single-story amenities facility bordering Baronga Avenue in Queens Park with a new building to provide better facilities for park users, sporting groups and the community. The works will involve the removal and replacement of the existing building, surrounding concrete paving, and footpaths. A powerpole, waste station and stormwater pits will need to be relocated and one tree will be removed with the same species (Zelkova Serrata) planted in its place.

The new facility will be state-of-the art and include:

  • New accessible path from Baronga Avenue with a ramp compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act). Paving threshold to warn people they are stepping into a different area
  • Four (4) new changerooms. Currently only two
  • Four (4) new storage rooms. Currently only two
  • One (1) new umpire changeroom, in accordance with latest sporting code. Currently none
  • Central covered area for sporting club activities such as registration, match day coordination etc. Currently no such area exists
  • External wash basin
  • Larger under-roof space for spectator and team gatherings
  • LED lighting throughout the building so it can be used at night. No lighting exists in current building
  • New power supply and hot water system – currently none
  • New landscaping and garden beds to enhance green space and provide habitat for  endangered ecological community
  • Open area provision for future mobile food & beverage offering
  • New male and female toilet facilities as well as a separate accessible toilet.

Current building and location

Finalised designs and artists impressions


Project works

The project will be delivered in six stages: 

  1. Demolition of current building and removal of material will occur over five days from Monday 21 February to Friday 25 February
  2. Construction of brand new building from end of February to early July 
  3. Internal fit out of the building gets underway at the end of May and will finish in late July  
  4. External works, including pavers, cycleway upgrade, signage and landscape will take place from late June to late July 
  5. Site decommission will start in mid July
  6. Building to open late July or early August (weather permitting) 

Access to Sporting Fields during works

The sporting fields will remain open and accessible for the duration of both stages of the works. The demolition/construction site will be fenced off for the safety of park visitors. Parking will still be available on Baronga Avenue and Darley Road. 

Alternative facilities

Temporary portable toilet facilities (6) are in place, near the construction site, and will remain for the duration of the works. New facilities were installed on 11 March following vandalism to the original temporary ones. Security lighting has been installed to deter vandallism and will be on from sunset until sunrise every night. The lights have been erected to shine on the portable facilities and construction site only, to minimise impacts on surrounding residences. 

Alternative facilities are also available near the café on Darley Road, 150m away (see map below for location). 

Frequently Asked Questions
The new amenities building has been designed to high architectural standards to minimise visual and heritage impacts taking into account:
  • Consideration of heritage impacts including scale and footprint of the building, views and usage
  • Existing services and infrastructure requirements such as sewer, stormwater and electrical
  • Geographical features of the surrounding landscape
  • Aesthetic and architectural merit of the new building
  • Accessibility
  • Maintenance and operation requirements
The amenities building has been designed as a universal building catering for all Queens Park visitors and patrons. Improved amenities for Queens Park was identified as a key priority following community consultation on the Queens Park Masterplan.
The public facilities, male and female toilets in particular, will be open every day for community use. The new building includes LED lighting so the building may be opened at night-time.
The original design has been amended to push the cycle path further to the east to increase the separation between the path and building. The building has been moved as far as possible from the cycle track without encroaching on the adjacent playing fields. The distance between the edge of the shared path and the closest building wall will be 4.1m.

The design includes a pavement threshold between the building and shared path to provide a visual indicator for those using the building that they are approaching a shared zone. Designs are also being reviewed to include potential treatments on the path to slow cyclists down as they approach the building.

This approach is being used on the new cycleway under construction on Darley Road which, when complete, will reduce cycle traffic in this area.  
The works are expected to take around six month, weather permitting. The building is expected to open by the end of June, which will be after the winter season has commenced. Storage is being provided for affected sporting associations and temporary portable toilets will be available for the duration of the works.
Temporary portable toilet facilities (seven in total – three male, three female and one accessible) will be provided, close to the current building, for the duration of the construction period. Toilet facilities are also available near the café on Darley Road, 150 metres away.
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