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Ponds Walk - Stage 1

The Ponds Walk will provide access around Kensington Pond to the Learner’s Cycleway at Fearnley Grounds.  

  • Project: Ponds Walk, Stage 1 

  • Location: Kensington Pond to the Learner’s Cycleway 

  • Project timing: February – June 2021 

  • Project owner: Centennial Parklands 

Project description 

The Ponds Walk first tabled in the Centennial Park Master Plan 2040 as a new ponds trail, to improve pedestrian access and provide opportunities to engage with the pond network. 

The first stage of the Ponds Walk will connect the Kensington Pond footbridge to the back of the Learner’s Cycleway at Fearnley Grounds. The walk will provide the public with a link to Alison Road via the newly-reinstated Kensington Pond footbridge.  

Construction on the footbridge was completed in early 2021, however stimulus funding for the adjacent Ponds Walk project was not available until the footbridge was nearing completion. Construction of the Ponds Walk requires this area to remain closed until mid-2021, when a path from Alison Road to Fearnley Grounds will open.  


The works will take place in the southern section of Centennial Park, between Alison Road and Fearnley Grounds. The location of stage 1 of the Ponds Walk is shown on the map below. 

Project works 

Works will include the installation of a screw piled steel frame pathway with fiberglass mesh decking and timber kerb. The pathway design will replicate the same design as the Kensington Pond Footbridge.  

Project timing 

Scoping for the project will commence in February 2021. Construction work is due to commence in March 2021, to be completed by end of June 2021.