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Musgrave Pond restoration works

Greater Sydney Parklands is committed to protecting, respecting and caring for the natural environment.

Musgrave Pond will be closed for community access while it undergoes its periodic maintenance and sludge removal works. The works will improve stormwater treatment, water quality and amenity for wildlife and park visitors.

  • Project: Musgrave Pond restoration works

  • Location: Musgrave Avenue Centennial Parklands

  • Project delivery: 16 February 2022 to end of June 2022, weather permitting.
    Note that the project has been delayed due to the extreme rain events of the past months.

  • Project owner: Greater Sydney Parklands 

Project description

Musgrave Pond is one of the many Centennial Park ponds that were originally designed and constructed as water supply, flood mitigation and storage dams. In the 1990s further works converted the water bodies to more ornamental ponds. As the surrounding sub-catchments (from the City of Sydney, Waverley & Randwick) have continued to develop, the ponds have acted as the receiving water bodies and sinks for sediments and pollutants from urban runoff.

These sediments and pollutants have now accumulated to the point that they need to be removed to improve the health of the pond. Removal will involve: 

  • Temporary water diversion works
  • Complete emptying of the pond
  • Sediment sludge removal, treatment and disposal
  • Restoration of banks and vegetation buffer
Refilling of the pond will occur by natural rainfall, following completion of the works. 

This periodic sludge removal works are part of Greater Sydney Parklands maintenance program confirmed in our Ponds Management Plan.

Impacts of works

Musgrave Pond will be completely fenced off while the works are underway. Visitors to this area of the parklands will experience noise from the machinery used to remove the sludge and smell as it is removed.

Greater Sydney Parklands is working closely with the contractor, undertaking the works, to mitigate impacts on visitors and the environment.

Construction hours

Construction operational hours will be restricted to 7:00am to 5.30pm Monday – Friday with no work on weekends or public holidays. 

Any work outside these hours will require approval and will be notified via signage on site, parks notices and this project page. 

Project updates

  • The fence gap closure has been completed
  • Excavation was carried out on the site




Panoramic view of pond from temp sandstone platform

Pump placed into GPT to increase capacity of incoming flow diversion

Dewatering in progress as at 4 April 2022 11:30am

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be increased truck movements on Grand Drive for the duration of the works and localised road closures on Musgrave Avenue only, at certain times. Traffic control and signage will be in place for all road closures and visitors are asked to take extra care in the area.

The entire pond will be fenced and pedestrian access will be clearly signposted for visitors wishing to access the amenity block and Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club area.

No. BBQs and picnics at One More Shot Picnic site and Musgrave Picnic site won’t be possible as the entire area will be fenced for the duration of the works. The full list of BBQ facilities in the Parklands can be found here -

Yes - the amenity block will be open and accessible and pedestrian access clearly signposted.

We have engaged an ecological expert to guide best practice in protection of wildlife and the environment. All fauna will be relocated to neighbouring ponds and their habitat reinstated when the work is complete.