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Centennial Park Power Upgrade

Project name: Centennial Park Power Upgrade

Location: Centennial Park

Project timing: June to September 2018 (weather permitting)

Project background

This project is to install and supply permanent three phase power to our Education Precinct (Discovery Centre) and Brazilian Fields.

Project scope

Due to the complexity of Centennial Park, the project has been split into two phases to safely deliver the electrical works as well as minimise any impacts on park users.

Phase One: Brazilian Fields trenching works

Works will include:

  • Estimated 525 m of trenching from York Road fence to Brazilian Fields.  Anticipated trench size: 600 mm (w) x 800 mm (d).
  • Supply and install of 8 x 100 mm diameter HDUPVC conduits
  • Under boring of Grand Drive
  • Trenching over Loch Avenue South road
  • Install of 7 service pits along trenching path (1,500 x 1,500 footprint)
  • Removal of 1 x power pole near York Road Gate
  • Installation of substation
  • Installation of three Distribution boards
  • Upgrade of existing Discovery Centre Distribution Board to provide 3 phase 250 amps

There will also be some works conducted external to Centennial Park in consultation with Moriah College. These include:

  • Trenching 350 m to Moriah War Memorial College
  • Footpath works
  • Works near two road crossings
  • Connection to substation located within College.

Phase Two: Brazilian Fields - 3 phase power supply

The Awarded Contractor will be the engaged Principal Contractor on site, facilitating the Level 3 supply and construction of Ausgrid kiosk and oversee trenching works for installation of conduits.


Project Timing

  • Investigation and site establishment: June
  • Trenching works: 25– 27 July
  • Electrical works: Mid-July to end August.

Operational Impacts

To safely facilitate the trenching works there will be some temporary closures on some internal roads, pathways and facilities. These include:

Road closures

  • Loch Avenue road closure: Monday 25 June

Sports fields

  • Loch Avenue sports field closure: 25–29 June

Grand Drive

  • Works alongside Grand Drive (no road closures): 16–20 July

Equestrian Track

  • Equestrian Track will be closed 23–27 July for trenching and one day in early August for electrical works. The Equestrian community will be redirected

Discovery Centre

  • Discovery Centre will be closed 2–6 July for trenching and one day in early August for electrical works.

York Road

  • A temporary road closure on York Road will take place. The date is yet to be confirmed.