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Barbecues upgrade

Greater Sydney Parklands is committed to providing visitors of Centennial Parklands with the facilities and amenities expected for an enjoyable day out.

Seven of the eight barbecue facilities across the Parklands have undergone an upgrade and are now more newer, safer and more energy-efficient. 

  • Project: Barbecues upgrade

  • Location: Across Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queens Park

  • Project delivery: Mid-November 2021 to mid-December 2021

  • Project owner: Greater Sydney Parklands

Project description

Barbecue stations across Centennial Parklands will undergo works to provide a better service and experience for park users. Works include:

  • New energy-efficient barbecue units to replace existing models where their spare parts are becoming obsolete
  • Replacement of current pavers with a concrete slab
  • Rendering of brick walls
  • Stainless-steel installation over the tiled benches 
  • Installation of curved stainless-steel surface over exposed bench corners


Project Timing

Works will be staggered to ensure that at least half the barbecues are open at the same time. Ash Paddock will be the first barbecue to be upgraded and will take ten days.
Barbecue Facility Start Finish
Paperbark Grove, Centennial Park 22 Nov 21 3 Dec 21
Model Yacht Pond, Centennial Park 22 Nov 21 3 Dec 21
Ash Paddock, Centennial Park 19 Nov 21 2 Dec 21
Bat and Ball Oval, South Dowling Street, Moore Park 24 Nov 21 2 Dec 21
Paddington Gates, Oxford Street, Centennial Park (adjacent to the Playground) 13 Dec 21 16 Dec 21
Darley Road, Queens Park 13 Dec 21 16 Dec 21
Musgrave Avenue, Centennial Park 13 Dec 21 16 Dec 21
Learner’s Cycleway, Centennial Park N/A N/A

Completed Barbecue Facilities

Paperbark Grove, Centennial Park
Model Yacht Pond, Centennial Park
Ash Paddock, Centennial Park
Bat and Ball Oval, South Dowling Street, Moore Park

Frequently Asked Question

Can I bring my own barbecue to Centennial Parklands while the Parklands’ barbecues are being upgraded?

Yes, you can bring in portable barbecues with legs only (barbecues that sit on the grass are not permitted), unless there is a total fire ban in place. Dumping hot coals, lighting fires and lighting fireworks are all prohibited in the Parklands. Fines may apply.

Can you book/reserve a barbecue for special occasions?

Our barbecues cannot be booked, as they operate on a first come, first serve basis. Users are expected to clean the hotplates after use so they can be ready for the next user. Our responsibility is to maintain the Parklands barbeques and keep them in working order, which is why we will be upgrading them over the month.