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Urgent tree works at Musgrave Pond (Tuesday 17 December)

Published on 16 Dec 2019

Due to a major tree failure overnight the Centennial Parklands Arborist team will be removing a Liquidambar styraciflua (American sweetgum) near Musgrave precinct, close to Musgrave Pond.

Due to the severity of the fracture and the potential for subsequent failure, this tree will be removed.

This tree will be replaced in the coming years. As this tree removal was unplanned, we will need to select and grow a suitable tree for the area to fit the landscape. In the short-term we will promote the growth and retain a self-seeded tree of the same species which has already established in a suitable location for succession.

Further information

We work to keep our 15,000 trees healthy and beautiful by maintaining our trees, planting new trees and only removing trees when required or necessary.

We receive many questions about trees that are felled or removed despite ‘appearing healthy’ on the outside. But what many people do not know is that trees, like humans, are susceptible to a large and diverse range of health issues and structural defects.

Eventually a tree may need to be removed once other tree management strategies become insufficient for public safety or sustaining the health of a tree.

To find out more about how we manage our trees please read our Tree Master Plan here and read our blog on the life cyle of a tree here.