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Tree removal works in Centennial Park [May - Aug 2022]

Published on 13 Sep 2021

A number of large trees will be removed in Centennial Park, that have been assessed by arborists as terminal, in the coming weeks to improve safety for park visitors.

There will be some impacts to the Parklands in relation to access and noise and these are detailed for each removal below:

Removal of trees in various locations – 16 May – 2 June 2022

A number of trees, including Port Jackson figs on Grand Drive, has been identified as being at the end of their life and need to be removed in the interests of safety.

Reason for removal: All trees (except the Cupressus) are in a late stage of terminal decline. There is a risk of tree failure.

Impacts for park users: There will be minimal traffic disruption on Musgrave and Grand Drive. It is recommended that the horses do not enter the park from 25 May to 27 May between 7am and 3pm as trees will be removed from the Horse Track.

Impacts for Horse Riders: There will be partial closures of the Horse Track as the works are carried out. See notice page for dates where the Horse Track will be closed. On 25 May to 27 May the Horse Track will be closed near the start of the track (so close to Robertson Road Gates) and there will be no direct access to the Equestrian Grounds. Riders who wish to use the Equestrian Grounds between 7am and 3pm on these dates will need to go the long way around Grand Drive (heading straight along the Horse Track rather than going right). The works will only be undertaken between 7am and 3pm so direct access to the Equestrian Grounds will be available on these days before 7am and after 3pm.

Tree replacement strategy: New fig trees will be planted on Grand Drive and the Quercus could be replaced in a few years’ time when trees that are still being grown at our tree nursery will be a sufficient size to plant.

Location of the trees to be removed at Centennial Park

Find out more about upcoming tree removal works.

Tree management

Our Centennial Parklands horticultural team are dedicated and passionate about caring for our Parklands’ beautiful trees, to ensure they live for as long as they can. Find out more about how we manage our trees and the different types here. 

If you have any concerns, please don't hestiate to contact us.