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Sports field closures - latest update

Published on 31 May 2022
Updated 31 May 2022

Centennial Parklands aim to keep our sports fields open to maximise community use and benefit. However, sometimes we need to close sports fields due to wet weather or for maintenance and upgrades. This is one of those times. 

State of the sports fields as at 25 May 2022

Published on 31 May 2022
Currently the Parklands is experiencing a record-breaking rainfall event associated with the La Nina weather pattern. Over 1640mm of rain has been recorded this year which is 140 percent of the average annual rainfall, creating significant impacts on our sports fields including waterlogging and sink holes leading to their continued closure. The recent sunny weather has helped us with some of our maintenance program, we have been able to start to mow some of the fields, but with more rain forecast, further delays and closures are expected.   

Given the severity of the weather we have already experienced with more rain forecast, topography of the Parklands, and its ponds acting as a stormwater catchment for surrounding suburbs, several areas will require lengthy periods of consistent dry weather to provide an opportunity for our sports fields to dry out and ensure they are fit and safe for use.
Sports Fields Restoration Works

Current Field Closures
The following list confirms the earliest potential reopening date for sports fields undergoing significant repair. Those listed as *Inspected Daily, may be closed due to current wet weather so for those you need to check the Sports field status page for the up to the minute status.   

Sports Field Earliest Potential Opening Reason
Centennial Park    
McKay Oval* check status page   Inspected daily
CP Field 02 & 03 14 June 2022 Under redevelopment  
CP Field 04 check status page  Inspected daily
Brazilian Field* check status page Inspected daily
CP Field 06, 07 & 08 14 June 2022 Heavily waterlogged 
CP Field 09 & 10 check status page Inspected daily
CP Field 11-13 14 June 2022 Heavily waterlogged
CP Wicket 04 16 June 2022 Sinkholes on field
Moore Park    
Bat & Ball Field* check status page Inspected daily
MP Field 01, 02 & 03 check status page Heavily waterlogged
MP Field 04 6 June 2022 Heavily waterlogged
MP Wicket 01 6 June 2022 Heavily waterlogged 
MP Wicket 03 6 June 2022 Heavily waterlogged
MP Wicket 04-08* check status page Inspected daily
Upper Kippax* check status page Inspected daily
Queens Park    
QP Fields 01, 02 & 10 - 13* check status page Inspected daily 
QP Fields 03 - 08* check status page Inspected daily
QP Field 09 13 June 2022 Under redevelopment 
We ask that all hirers refer to and respect the dates provided above. These dates may be delayed further subject to weather conditions. We will keep you updated and ask that you please respect the Parklands Rangers time and not contact them to check whether these dates will be brought forward. 

The information provided in the above table are based on the current conditions of the fields and current weather conditions. Any continuation of this weather pattern or poor drying conditions may see the above dates reviewed.
Impacts to Sports Hirers
The Parklands understands the frustration felt by hirers due to this major weather event. Once this weather pattern has moved on and our facilities are once again at full operating capacity, we will reassess the holistic impacts of this significant closure period and what we can do to support hirers.  

As an unforeseen impact of the recent weather events, sinkholes have appeared on a small number of fields. These sinkholes are a result of the pressure the recent rainfall has placed on the storm water system.
Sinkholes at the Sports Fields

We have teams on the ground working hard to remediate the sinkholes and return the fields to a playable condition as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor these areas over the winter season. Further works and closures may be required.
If you notice a natural looking depression in the surface, please advise the Sport and Recreation team, as soon as possible, via email via

More information
If you have any questions or concern at all, please contact our sport team via email at

Keep up to date with field closures here
Frequently Asked Questions
Centennial Parklands decides to close grounds based on:
  • player safety
  • the sport played and the potential for damage to the playing surface that would compromise the quality of the facility and its’ ability to ensure it can get through the season.
  • the weather forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology
Since January, the Parklands’ service provider has been working extended hours to catch up with mowing affected by wet weather. The Parklands has increased frequencies to cope with the extra growth at considerable investment above the budgeted resourcing.

The extended rainfall now sees the soil profile saturated and until the rainfall abates these fields will not be playable. The facilities are reliant on natural drainage and evaporation to dry out. All this is compounded with the Botany aquifer, on which a lot of the Parklands’ facilities sit which is adding to the saturation on the ground. This is particularly evident in the Lachlan Reserve and Brazilian precinct areas.

Our crews on the ground are working as hard and fast as they can to repair fields and get them ready for sport again. The recent wet weather is wreaking havoc with many sports fields already completely sodden, which will take some time to dry out and be ready for play. In some cases that will not be until after Easter (as detailed in the sports field closure table above).
The majority of sports fields are beyond saturation point and have been unable to drain effectively. The wet ground means:
  • we cannot get equipment onto the fields to be able to mow the grass (it sinks essentially)
  • there is a significant risk of long-term damage to the playing surface if sport was allowed – fields would need to be closed for long periods to repair to damage
  • labour is hard to find at this time, which all sporting facilities and parklands across Sydney and NSW are experiencing
  • it is best practice and safer to wait until the fields dry out and can be mowed properly before play resumes
The extreme wet weather and storm activity is the main reason for the current closure with significantly more rain falling than usual at this time of year. In summary:
  • 1402.8mm has been recorded this year (and rising) which is 120% of the usual average rainfall
  • March 2022 was the wettest March for Sydney since records began (80 years ago)