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Preventing plant damage, trampling and vandalism

Published on 29 Jul 2019

Recently our Horticulture team has seen an increase in disheartening activity towards the plants, garden beds and trees in Centennial Parklands. Damage, theft, trampling and vandalism to the plants disadvantages the whole community and we need your help to prevent it from happening. 

The Parklands is one of the busiest public spaces in Australia with over 30 million visitors each year. While most plants near sidewalks and high traffic areas are expected to receive some damage, there are some visitors who dismiss 'plant etiquette' towards the trees, flowers and gardens by trampling or stealing our plants. 

Garden vandalism happens in big and small ways including carving into trees, digging out plants, laying in ornamental garden beds to take photos, climbing trees and collecting plant materials by breaking or cutting into plants.

Our Rangers and Horticulture staff protect the plants by using physical barriers, choosing hardy plants, including pathways to create access for visitors to take photos of flowers, installing signs and politely asking visitors to stop when they come across damage happening.

Many times, visitors are unaware that they are causing damage but from time-to-time it is deliberate. 

We are asking for help from our visitors to prevent future damage. If you see suspicious or anti-social behaviour, please call our Rangers on 0412 718 611.