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Notification of private events in Centennial Park (12 and 17 February)

Centennial Parklands will host two small private events in Centennial Park on Monday 12 and Saturday 17 February 2018.

The Monday 12 February event will take place on Loch Avenue South field Brazilian Field East from 11.30 am to 7.00 pm. A temporary road closure will be in place all day on Loch Avenue South to safely facilitate the event. This is not a music event. However, there will be some ambient music from the event site. There will be sound monitoring in place and the Event Hotline will be active throughout the day. The Hotline number is (02) 9339 6616.

The Saturday 17 February event will take place on Brazilian Field West from 2.00 to 7.00 pm. All the event sound will be contained to the event site. There are no road closures related with this event.

If there are any issues on the day please contact the Parklands Rangers on 0412 718 611.