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Moore Park Golf Course Tree Works

Five unhealthy Robinia pseudoacacia, Black Locust trees have been assessed by Centennial Parklands' abrorists near the vacinity of the Moore Park Golf Course and Toll House Driveway due to significant signs of decay. 

The trees have been in terminal decline and have been removed for public safety, with associated works to be completed over the coming weeks. The trees will be replaced with a more suitable species and further complimentary tree planting will occur in this area to improve the landscape in the coming years and increase Centennial Parklands’ tree collection.

Further information

We work to keep our 15,000 trees healthy and beautiful by maintaining our trees, planting new trees and only removing trees when required or necessary.

We receive many questions about trees that are felled or removed despite ‘appearing healthy’ on the outside. But what many people do not know is that trees, like humans, are susceptible to a large and diverse range of health issues and structural defects.

Eventually a tree may need to be removed once other tree management strategies become insufficient for public safety or sustaining the health of a tree.

To find out more about how we manage our trees please read our Tree Master Plan here and read our blog on the life cyle of a tree here.