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McKay Field 2 & 3 Herbicide Application Notice [Aug 2021 - Feb 2022]

Published on 15 Sep 2021

Between mid-August 2021 to mid-September 2021, Centennial Parklands will commence herbicide application onto McKay Fields 2 & 3, in preparation for the construction of in-ground irrigation and drainage systems.

The herbicide aims to eliminate the existing grass, so you may expect the grass to appear progressively brown and dried up over the coming weeks.
Notification signage will be installed on the fields.
All turf spray activity will be delivered during the night to avoid public interaction using the Australian Government-approved Roundup herbicides (see below for Material Safety Data Sheets).

Diluted applications of these pesticides are not harmful to wildlife or domestic animals. The Centennial Parklands Pesticide Use Notification Plan, a statutory requirement, outlines the Parklands' approach for their safe use.

Construction work

Construction of in-ground irrigation and drainage systems is due to commence in mid-September 2021, aiming to improve the quality of playing fields and Parkland open space for use by improving the quality of turf management.

Construction timeline: September 2021 - February 2022

Contractor: Renworx

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.