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Centennial Homestead closure (6 and 7 Dec 2019)

Published on 1 Dec 2019

Centennial Homestead sits within the Parklands and is one of Sydney’s best kept secrets. A place where visitors and their four-legged friends can stop by to grab a coffee or stay a little longer to enjoy a great meal.

From time to time, Centennial Homestead is closed to the public for infrastructure upgrades, regular maintenance or private events. 

Scheduled closure for December 2019

The restaurant and cafe will be closed for a private function on 6 December all day. On 7 December the restaurant and cafe will be closed from 12.00 pm. 

During this time, Spruce Goose and The Greenhouse Cafe will be open to visitors. More information about restaurants and cafes across the Parklands can be viewed here.