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Tree removals in Centennial Park – May- August 2023

Published on 4 May 2023

Tree removals in Moore Park, Tuesday 9 May 2023

Greater Sydney Parklands will be removing two Quercus ilex (Holm Oak) from the Upper Kippax precinct in Moore Park East on Tuesday 9 May. Unfortunately both trees have reached the end of their life, having been in advanced terminal decline and monitored closely by the Trust’s Arborists since 2016.

The trees were last inspected in late 2022 when the Trust Arborist observed 90% of crown death with no signs of recovery and placed the trees on a list to be removed. Additionally these trees have suffered multiple limb failures during this period. These trees were also identified for removal as part of the Centennial Parklands Tree Masterplan 2002.
The Trust will be replacing these trees with 2 x Ficus microcarpa (hillii) which will look to continue the Ficus planting along the road verge of Driver Ave.
The two Quercus ilex (Holm Oak) , which will be removedat Upper Kippax precinct in Moore Park East

Tree replacement strategy

Centennial Parklands receive over 30 million visits annually so public safety is our top priority. The tree population of Centennial Parklands is now over 16,000 with 234 different species.
As trees decline and reach the end of their life, the risk of branch failure or a tree becoming structurally unsound increases and needs to be closely monitored and managed. Eventually a tree may need to be removed once other tree management strategies become insufficient for public safety or sustaining the health of a tree. Learn more about ‘Circle of (a tree) Life’
In the next 40 years, a large percentage of our tree population, especially those that are already mature or over-mature will need to be replaced due to their terminal decline. To combat this, we plant trees annually to succeed trees reaching the end of the lifecycle. We aim to replace all trees removed due to age, as soon as possible as well as increasing the tree population each year to ensure that Centennial Parklands remains one of Sydney’s best loved and healthy green spaces. Find out more about our tree planting and maintenance program