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Annual Weed Spraying Program 2019

Published on 6 Aug 2018

The Centennial Parklands annual weed spraying program will commence on Monday 5 August 2019 to control bindii and other broad-leaf weeds which are prevalent in lawn areas of the Parklands.

The program will complete on 30 August, weather permitting.

Notification signs will be positioned a minimum of 48 hours before a location is sprayed.

The aim of the program is to improve the quality of playing fields and parkland open space for use by our visitors by reducing herbaceous weeds.

The majority of spraying will be undertaken during the day using the Australian Government-approved Destiny and Spearhead herbicides (see below for Material Safety Data Sheets). Federation Valley and playground areas will be undertaken during the night.

Diluted applications of these pesticides are not harmful to wildlife or domestic animals. The Centennial Parklands Pesticide Use Notification Plan, a statutory requirement, outlines the Parklands' approach for their safe use.Also available for download are the Material Safety Data Sheets for each of the herbicides being used during this program: