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Murray Gibbs

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Murray engages and inspires the community through a diverse range of volunteer programs at Centennial Parklands. As the Volunteer Coordinator he focuses on developing volunteer programs with great outcomes for people and place. He values the opportunity to support volunteers to develop their skills, improve their wellbeing and enrich and improve the Parklands at the same time.

Murray fell in love with the great outdoors whilst growing up in the Blue Mountains, hiking, skiing and otherwise adventuring in wild natural areas. His strong connection to nature as a child fuelled a passion for sustainability and to become involved in environmental conservation.

Murray’s professional background and qualifications are in natural area management, sustainable horticulture and training and assessment. He has over 20 years of experience working across the community & voluntary sectors in collaboration with government agencies, NGOs, natural area management and horticulture field.

Murray is passionate about including Indigenous perspectives. He initiated and leads the refurbishment of the Parklands important Aboriginal bush tucker garden with passionate volunteers. which hopes will strengthen Parklands visitors’ connections to community, culture and place.

His latest endeavour involves collaborating with a local Aboriginal organisation on a 3-year grant funded project to regenerate an endangered bushland community in the Parklands. He looks forward to working on this project which aims to mentor and help to up skill local Aboriginal people in environmental management and Aboriginal history.

Murray loves the Parklands wilder spaces and is amazed that some of the original bushland communities are still intact. At the Park he also likes to play a bit of social touch football and can be found riding on any one of his ten bicycles to work, rain hail or shine.

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