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Louise Kiddell

Nature Play Educator

Working across a broad range of nature play and community programs at Centennial Park, Louise is a passionate nature connection facilitator. She believes that (re)connecting people to nature is fundamental for the health and wellbeing of people and planet.

Louise is one of the first certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guides in Australia and also a Yoga teacher. She guides regular Shinrin yoku (Forest Bathing) walks in the park and a seasonal Urban Nature and Mindfulness Retreat.

Louise works on many nature play programs, including Bush School, Kids vs Wild, Bushrangers and Camping 101 Park After Dark.

She loves seeing parents grow and learn with their children, as whole families get involved in eco-art, craft, storytelling, animal movement, games and ancestral skills. She loves the unique learning environment the nature play programs provide, and how they foster a deep and heartfelt connection to nature and community.