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Dindy Boutagy

Nature Play Educator

Since 2015 Dindy has been working across our school education programs as well as nature play and community programs.  Having worked in the Australian bush and outside environment for over 20 years, she brings a wealth of ecological knowledge to nature play experience.

Dindy has played a key role in setting up and leading bush school for 5 - 12 years at Centennial Parklands.  This is a program where kids meet weekly in our outdoor classroom, gaining social and physical skills, whilst meeting curriculum outcomes with fun, nature-based activities.

We asked Dindy what she loves about Bush School for 5-12 years:

“I feel privileged to be working with the same kids each week and experience the relationship and community that builds over time.  It’s not only a relationship to each other but also to place.  I love to see kids engaged, excited and learning in nature through direct experience, making discoveries and having adventures.”