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Meeting 1
Date: 12 February

Major Community Issues Discussed

Education and Community Program Update
  • The Committee was briefed on the Parklands’ education strategy.
  • The Committee was informed of how programs were decided and noted the aim to manage capacity through peak and off-peak cycles and the difficulty of remote education opportunities.
Share the Park Campaign
  • The Committee was briefed on the upcoming annual “Share the Park” campaign that aims to raise awareness and educate the many diverse visitors about the right and responsible ways to enjoy the Parklands.
  • The 2019 theme to be launched in May is “Wildlife”, to be developed further.
Upcoming Major Events
  • Until 31 May: Moonlight Cinema
  • Until March: Feature film
  • 2 March: Mardi Gras – Moore Park
  • 4 May: Exercise your Moodwalk
  • 17 May: Sh*tbox Rally
Meeting 2
Date: 16 April

Major Community Issues Discussed

Discovery Centre
  • The Committee was briefed on the future direction of Nature Play at Centennial Parklands, including plans for Nature Play education programs and to improve the Discovery Centre at Centennial Park.
Centennial Parklands Rangers
  • The Committee was briefed on the role of Rangers as frontline customer service officers looking after the Parklands.
  • Members discussed enforcement options for issues such as large cycling pelotons and parking on tree roots at netball courts.
Planning Update
  • The Committee was briefed on key planning projects, and also briefly discussed the progress of the neighbouring football stadium project.
  • A tower at West Bondi adjacent to the north east corner of Centennial Park has been proposed. The Committee confirmed concerns about overshadowing, visual impact, and the impact that these residents neighbouring the Park may have on Parklands events.
  • The committee were briefed on the Queens Park Pathway at Darley Road public consultation plans.
Works & Maintenance Program across Centennial Parklands
  • Prior to the meeting a number of members visited the site of the Kensington Pond bridge and pathway. At the meeting the Committee was briefed on the Transport for NSW’s Kensington Pond footbridge replacement project.
  • The Committee received a regular update to the Committee on Assets and Maintenance works across the Parklands.
Upcoming Major Events
  • 15 – 26 April: School holiday activities
  • 4 May: Exercise your Moodwalk
  • 17 May: Sh*tbox Rally – 17 May 2019
  • 1 September: Father’s Day Festival
  • 15 September: Sydney Running Festival
  • 5 October: Listen Out music festival
Meeting 3
Date: 4 June

Major Community Issues Discussed

Centennial Park Homestead Tender
  • The Committee received a briefing on the tender process underway for the Parklands to secure a new food and beverage operator at the Homestead on a long-term lease.
Moore Park Update
  • The Committee was briefed on the sports strategy for Moore Park including Tramway Oval.
  • The strategy has a focus on ‘greening the green space’ consistent with the Moore Park Master Plan and considers the balance between meeting the needs of all user groups including grassroots sports, high performance and community sport.
  • Key benefits include expanded playing capacity and sustainable revenues.
Parking Changes at Centennial Park and the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Committee
  • The Committee received a briefing on parking changes commencing on 1 July 2019. The changes are to discourage the increased commuter parking in recent times.
Upcoming Major Events
  • 8 – 10 June: Tuff Nuttez
  • 1 September: Father’s Day Festival
  • 15 September: Sydney Running Festival
  • 25 – 27 September: Major Event Hold
  • 5 October: Listen Out Music Festival
  • 20 October: Sri Chinmoy Race
  • 26 October: Wanderlust
  • 30 October: JP Morgan CC
  • 3 November: Walk 4 Brain Cancer
  • 16 November: Polo in the City
Meeting 4
Date: 6 August

Major Community Issues Discussed
Hordern Pavilion
  • General Manager Hordern Pavilion, Anthony Dunsford, presented to the CCC on two Development Applications (DAs) to be lodged with the City of Sydney Council for the refurbishment of the Hordern Pavilion and upgrade works on the Plaza between the Hordern Pavilion and the Royal Hall of Industries.
  • The focus of the DAs are to ensure the Hordern Pavilion continues to service the cultural needs of Sydney – providing improved performer facilities, accessible amenities, flexible seating arrangements and a vibrant community place and activation space, as well as building on the existing brand and heritage values of the Hordern.
Sydney Football Stadium (SFS) Redevelopment Stage 2 Briefing
  • CCC received a briefing from INSW Head of Projects, INSW, Tom Gelibrand about the Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment.
  • Members discussed: parking on Moore Park East, overshadowing, stadium naming and signage, visual montages, water quality monitoring within Kippax, accessible evacuation and landscaping to ensure crowds do not cut into the Parkland planting areas.
Upcoming Major Events
  • Father’s Day Festival – 1 September
  • Sydney Running Festival – 15 September
  • Fever Tree Gin and Tonic Festival – 25-27 September
  • Listen Out music festival – 5 October
  • Wanderlust – 24 October
  • Sri Chimnoy Races
  • JP Morgan CC – 28 October
  • Walk 4 Brain Cancer – 8 November
  • Polo in the City – 16 November
  • Moonlight Cinema- 28 November – March 2020
  • Beer Fest – 30 November -1 December
  • Good Things Festival – 7 December
CCC Chair Election
  • Patrick St John elected as Chair of the CCC
Meeting 5
Date: 24 September

Major Community Issues Discussed
Moore Park East and West
  • The CCC received an on-site briefing on the current status and future plans for Moore Park East and West.
Upcoming Major Events
  • Fever Tree Gin & Tonic Festival – 27-29 September
  • Listen Out – 5 October
  • Sri Chinmoy Races – 20 October
  • Wanderlust – 26 October
  • JP Morgan CC – 30 October
  • Walk 4 Brain Cancer – 3 November
  • Polo in the City – 16 November
  • Moonlight Cinema – 28 November – March 2020
  • BeerFest Beer & Food - 30 November & 1 Dec
  • Good Things Festival – 7 December
Meeting 6
Date: 12 November

Major Community Issues Discussed
Tree planting at the Parklands
  • The committee was given an overview of tree planting plans for 2020.
Sports Grants
  • The committee was given an update on sports and recreation grants applied for, including Bat and Ball Oval.

 Mini Golf at Moore Park Golf
  • The committee was briefed on stage one of Mini Golf at the Moore Park Golf precinct.

 Upcoming Major Events:
  • Polo in the City – 16 November
  • Moonlight Cinema – 27 November to 29 March
  • Beerfest -  30 November & 1 December
  • Good Things Festival – 7 December
  • Electric Gardens – 22 February
  • Sydney Mardi Gras Parade – 29 February