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Meeting 1
Date: 6 February 2018

Major Community Issues discussed

Moore Park Toll House & Centennial Park Discovery Centre

  • The Committee was briefed on restoration works to the Moore Park Toll House.  Centennial Parklands is investing $2.2 million dollars to restore and revitalise NSW’s only surviving metropolitan two-storey toll house located in Sydney’s Moore Park – one of five remaining in the state.
  • Currently derelict and unused for many years, the building was earmarked for conservation works in the Moore Park Master Plan 2040, which was consulted and approved on in 2017. The heritage building will now undergo major conservation works to stabilise, refurbish and restore the building’s integrity, bringing new life back to this wonderful part of Sydney’s history. The Committee discussed parking needs for an upgraded facility.  The Moore Park Masterplan will be used as the guiding principle for any future parking in the area.
  • The Committee was briefed on upcoming upgrades to the Centennial Park Wild Play Discovery Centre (education centre).  The committee discussed potential future upgrades, and it was confirmed that any improvements to classrooms and buildings would be confined to the existing hardstand footprint area.

Works and Maintenance Update

  • The Committee was briefed on the Capital Asset Maintenance program, including works at the Centennial Parklands Sports Centre, Hordern Pavilion, Royal Hall of Industries, and ES Marks Athletics field.
  • Upcoming works include upgrades to disabled parking spaces, replacement of drinking water pipes and road resurfacing to Dickens Drive (part), Jervois and Robinson (part), and replacing of a main irrigation line to Moore Park East.

Upcoming Major Events

  • Until 1 April: Moonlight Cinema
  • Monday 12 February: Private event – Brazilian East
  • Saturday 17 February: Private event – Brazilian West
  • Saturday 24 February: Sydney City Limits
  • Saturday 3 March: Mardi Gras (Moore Park)
  • Monday 2 April: Sri Chimnoy Races
Meeting 2
Date: 10 April 2018

Major Community Issues discussed

Welcome to new CCC member
  • The Committee welcomed new member Patrick St John to the CCC. This is Mr St John’s first meeting following his appointment by the Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust.
Centennial Parklands Digital Communications Initiatives and New Website
  • Centennial Parkland’s website is in the process of being updated – with more focus on innovation, customer experience and enhancing visitation of the park. The current website was found to have several limitations including duplication of content across pages, maps only downloadable as pdfs and not interactive.
  • The new website will be imagery-led with photos and videos, be mobile responsive and allow for online bookings of CP venues.
  • The Parklands will continue to be active in its communication and engagement via social media - Facebook Instagram and Twitter accounts.
Share the Park Campaign
  • Share the Park is the Parklands’ annual community engagement campaign to raise awareness of park user groups – with a focus on behaviours, safety and respect of other users.
  • The Committee was briefed on this year’s upcoming campaign, which will have a special focus on cycling and safety.
Moore Park update
  • The committee was provided with a general update on the Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries. A final outcome for the current tender process will be announced later this year.
  • The committee was also briefed on recent media coverage on Driver Avenue, and how this relates to the Moore Park Masterplan.
  • The committee was also briefed on works in Moore Park west to improve safety.
 Upcoming Events
  • CP Sports Centre relaunch –17 April
  • Bat Month events – April
  • School Holiday programs – April
Upcoming Major Events
  • Cheese Lovers Festival – 16 June
  • Sydney Running Festival – 16 Sept
  • Listen Out Festival – 29 September
Meeting 3
Date: 12 June 2018

Major Community Issues discussed
Moore Park Golf: Priorities for 2018/19
  • The committee was briefed on Moore Park Golf’s priorities for the upcoming financial year.
  • Items of interest were events and community activations, customer rewards and improved customer experience, womens sport, childrens activities, university partnerships, and tourism strategy.
Centennial Parklands Events Framework
  • The committee was briefed on the events framework for Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands.
  • The framework provides a guide for the total number of booked events per annum to ensure passive recreation remains the primary park usage; to support the resource allocation and budgeting for events; and to ensure a diverse and balanced program is provided to benefit all of the community.
  • The organisation is committed to supporting not-for-profit organisations to raise much-needed funds through in-kind or discounted venue hire and marketing. In 2017/18 BGCP supported eight charities with combined fundraising generated over $730K in 2017/18.
  • The organisation has sound mitigation strategies (resulting in a reduction in noise related complaints), disability inclusion planning and aims for a broad audience appeal across the events program.
  • CCC enquired about security around events. The Parklands employs additional controls and has completed a number of security reviews.
Works & Maintenance Program across Centennial Parklands
  • The Committee was provided an update on the capital assets maintenance program.
  • Recently completed works include the Centennial Parklands Sports Centre, road resurfacing within Centennial Park, and refurbishment works at ES Marks.
  • Works in progress include replacement of irrigation line to Moore Park East, repairs to the heritage façade and roofing of the Royal Hall of Industries, and repairs to the Duck Pond in Centennial Park.
  • Upcoming works include stormwater system improvements, Hordern Pavilion Fire Booster relocation, Queens Park irrigation upgrade, waste station improvements and environmental works (bank stabilisation).
  • The committee asked how emergency capital problems are financed. It was advised that the Parklands have access to emergency funding for capital works.
Moore Park Update
  • The Committee were updated on current developments in and around the parklands including the Allianz Stadium redevelopment, Light Rail works, wayfinding
  • The CCC advised that they intend to review the EIS for the stadium redevelopment.
Upcoming Major Events
  • Cheese Lovers Festival – 16 June
  • Father’s Day Fest -­ 2 Sep
  • Sydney Running Festival -­ 16 Sep
  • Listen Out Festival -­ 29 Sep
  • Sri Chimnoy Races-­ 21 Oct
  • JP Morgan Challenge -­31 Oct
  • Walk 4 Brain Cancer -­ 4 Nov
  • Polo in the City-­ 17 Nov
  • Moonlight Cinema from -­30 Nov
  • Sydney Craft Beer & Food Festival -­1 Dec
Meeting 4
Date: 14 August 2018

A summary of the August 2018 meeting will be posted after the minutes have been confirmed by the Committee at the October meeting.
Meeting 5
Date: 16 October 2018

A summary of the October 2018 meeting will be posted after the minutes have been confirmed by the Committee at the November meeting.
Meeting 6
Date: 27 November 2018

A summary of the November 2018 meeting will be posted after the minutes have been confirmed by the Committee at the February 2019 meeting.