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Meeting 1
Date: 7 February 2017

Major Community Issues discussed

1) Sport and Recreation

  • Discussion about the $2.8 million upgrade to carpark at ES Marks Athletics Field.
  • The upgrade will add approx. 52 car spaces, bus parking and will include a bus/private vehicle drop-off point.
  • The parking will be accessed from Dacey Avenue via a one-way loop.
  • Safety is a priority
  • An alternative car park at ES Marks will remain open for official use only.
  • A public consultation will be undertaken in March. Following a tender process works are expected to commence later this year.

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2) Peter Rabbit

Anthony Dunsford, Director Visitor Experience, provided an update on the Peter Rabbit Film project in Centennial Park. CCC Members were invited to inspect the film site over the coming weeks.

3) Wild Play

Anthony Dunsford, Director Visitor Experience on The Ian Potter Children's Wild Play Garden.

  • The project saw the planting of over 10,000 plants (including 187 trees). Seventy per cent of these are natives.
  • Excavation is now complete.
  • The filtration bunkers are in place for the water play component (a closed chlorine water system).
  • Wild Play will be enclosed (fenced) in order for closures to be implemented when necessary (to undertake horticulture work, repairs and maintenance etc.)

It is noted that the first six months will be a learning experience for the Parklands. An operational procedure is being drafted and a Ranger will monitor the horse track during the initial months of operation.

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4) Brief updates on upcoming events and projects

(a) Upcoming events:

  • Taste of Sydney (9-12 March)
  • Pony Rides operating in Centennial Park
  • Autumn What’s On and School Holiday Campaign (March)
  • Moonlight Cinema (running until 2 April)
  • The Great CP Egg Hunt (15-16 April)

(b) Projects for this year:

The Light Rail Prototype Station

  • due for completion soon.
  • buses will be back on the bus roadway from 20 February during peak hour.
  • The Moore Park Substation will be located in the works depot near the Golf Course.

For more details see:

ES Marks Athletics Field:

  • repairs to the grandstand roof
  • refurbishing the amenity block
  • repairs to the upstairs meeting room and building fabric

Fearnley Grounds:

  • the deck design is being finalised.
  • works will be undertaken to install synthetic grass outside the cycle hire venue

Centennial Parklands:

  • the Restaurant Playground resurfacing
  • the Queens Park Playground in Queens Park resurfacing

Moore Park:

  • Refurbishment works will be undertaken to the building fabric of Parklands Tennis and Moore Park Golf House, and the driving range synthetic surface
  • Toll House refurbishment to be completed later this year.

Centennial Park Equestrian Centre:

  • Refurbishment of ‘A’ pavilion and covered arena repairs

Centennial Park:

  • Realignment of the ramp at the Homestead and decking replacement
  • road resurfacing of internal roads Dickens and Loch Avenue South

Queens Park:

  • grass bank stabilisation

Community matters

  • Soap has been installed at the bathrooms adjacent to the Greenhouse Café at Fearnley Grounds after this was raised at a previous meeting.

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Next meeting: Tuesday 11 April 2017, 5.30 pm.

Meeting 2
Date: 11 April 2017

Major Community Issues discussed

Final Moore Park Master Plan

The consultation process and six key messages:

  • Further greening of the park
  • Greater provisions for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Conservation of heritage
  • Greater provision for passive recreation
  • Retention of 18 hole golf course
  • Greater provision for more equitable sporting facilities, including community sport
  • Primary stakeholder concerns were identified and considered, with the draft plan adjusted to address these concerns.

ES Marks safety upgrade consultation

  • Consultation process outlined. 32 submissions received in total including from three key stakeholders. Response to consultation will be finalised by late April.
  • Next phase - construction to commence by July, aiming for completion in 16 weeks.
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Share the Park Campaign

  • Campaign to run 29 March – 23 April with the themes of the campaign coming from stakeholder groups.
  • Aim: to raise awareness of all users, generate respect for each other and ensure visitor safety.
  • This year’s campaign hero is the horse which was well received by the horse riding community. Other target audiences include dog walkers, pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and motorists.
  • Safety messages (electronic and A-frame boards) throughout the Park.
  • Campaign dispersed via all digital media channels with key messages going out on electronic digital media.
  • Competition – winner to receive an overnight stay at one of the Ranger cottages.

Brief update on upcoming events and projects.

  • Assets is continuing to working with KU childcare in relation to the bins at ES Marks.
  • Moonlight Cinema finished last week, after a successful season.
  • Peter Rabbit sets have been dismantled, all areas will be remediated.
  • Centennial Parklands recently won a Green Flag Award – international award in a Parks Award category.

(a) Upcoming events:

  • School Holiday program - Great Easter Egg Hunt (sold out) Educational trail is incorporated – mini egg rewards - partnering with chocolate company.
  • Mother’s Day Nature Quest –13 May – adventure trail for families.

(b) Upcoming Projects:

  • Moore Park driving range upgrade – closes end April – reopen 2 June.
  • Upgrade of street lights in Driver Ave (LED light)
  • Work on one pavilion in Equestrian Centre – to be completed by June.
  • Upgrade CP Homestead decking and ramp - starting18 April.
  • Website upgrade scheduled for later in the year.

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Next meeting: Tuesday 13 June.

Meeting 3
Date: 13 June 2017

Major Community issues discussed:

Accessibility at Centennial Parklands: What the Parklands does to improve access for people with varying abilities

  • A Mobility Audit and Access Report was commissioned to prioritise and recommend work to be undertaken at Centennial Parklands in relation to physical access and visual limitations. Site audits were undertaken during April, May and June 2016.
  • A number of projects have been identified to ensure that the Parklands complies with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Capital Funding

Treasury allocations were announced in April 2017 for

  • Capital Asset Maintenance Program
  • Minor Works

CCTV Consultation

  • To enhance the safety of Parklands visitors, its assets and deter criminal activity and anti social behaviour, planning is underway to install a range of CCTV cameras, starting at the Education Precinct and the Ian Potter Children’s Wild Play Area within Centennial Park
  • The proposal is for two camera poles, containing three cameras each. The cameras would be in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Images from the cameras would be recorded and retained for a period of time to allow for authorised persons to review the footage to identify an incident as part of an investigation.
  • Consultation was run over a three week period (22 May – 12 June 2017) via the Parklands website, park signage, EDA, social media and directly with key stakeholders including the CCC and local police

South East and CBD Light Rail

  • Members of the CCC members inspected the Moore Park Light Rail Stop prototype station. The designed is considered to be of a high standard.
  • Naming of light rail stops likely to be determined in July/August 2017.

Upcoming events and projects

  • Alison Road and Darley Road to be closed next weekend. Embankment works along Alison Road and substation works at Moore Park depot almost complete
  • Eastern Suburbs game broadcast live (Seven2)
  • Moore Park Driving Range Upgrade – completed 2 June 2017.
  • Centennial Park Homestead deck and ramp – completed
  • Tennis Centre (upgrade change rooms, improved drainage, removed asbestos) – to be completed this week

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Next meeting: Tuesday 8 August 2017.

Meeting 4
Date: 8 August 2017

Major Community issues discussed

Visitor Satisfaction Research and Social Media Ratings

  • In-park research undertaken by 2,792 people. Findings included:
    • 94% of respondents were satisfied with their visit to Centennial Park (and Moore Park)
    • 75% of respondents would highly likely to recommend visiting Centennial Park (and Moore Park)
  • This research is consistent with broader research and is in line with primary research indicators such as TripAdvisor.
  • A fulfillment survey undertaken earlier in the year had almost identical results with 95% of respondents being satisfied with their visit.

Wildplay Progress Update

  • Completion of unique features such as the giant treehouse and slide with a connecting wooden track. The bamboo forest is complete and that site has already completed 60-70% of the landscaping and vegetation.
  • The total area is over 3,000m2 and incorporates significant mature trees into the design.

Light Rail and Naming of Alison Road stop

  • Centennial Park was the preferred name for Alison Road stop with Royal Randwick only as an alternative name, however the Transport Minister has indicated that Royal Randwick is now the preferred name.
  • Public consultation with respect to the preferred final name will take place through the Geographic Naming Board and will commence 9 October 2017.

Recruitment Process 2018

  • Advertising for vacant positions including the Chairman’s role will be undertaken.

Community matters

  • Centennial Parklands has worked with Moore Park Tigers to determine parking rates at Moore Park Golf. Two hours free parking after 4pm every day.
  • Science Week in the park (largest Science Week activities in NSW with over 15,000 participants
  • Fernleigh Grounds to have another deck installed.

Meeting closed at 6.22 pm.

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Next meeting: Tuesday 10 October.

Meeting 5
Date: 10 October 2017

Major Community Issues discussed

Draft Centennial Parklands Plan of Management

  • The draft Centennial Parklands Plan of Management is a high level plan that brings together the individual plans for More Park, Queens Park and Centennial Park. It sets a 10 year strategic direction for the Parklands for the period 2018-2028.
  • Key challenges identified in the Plan are urban density and changes in climate. The aim of the Plan is to deliver cultural inclusions, welcome everyone into the Parklands, cool the city, and manage the overall governance of the Parklands.
  • Community and stakeholder consultation will be undertaken.

Toll House refurbishment

  • Parklands management is currently looking at the commercial viability of the Toll House. Items of significance will be maintained.The roof will be replaced with slate and the wood windows will be restored.
  • Built in approximately 1860, it is the oldest two story Toll House in Australia and has significant heritage value.
  • The restored Toll House will be the gateway to the precinct and part of the broader update of the area.

Driver Avenue, Moore Park – emergency management

  • Parklands management is undertaking a security assessment in line with a broader government review.
  • Driver Avenue is currently closed during major sporting events. A longer term solution may include the installation of permanent bollards.
  • The recent Listen Out festival had 300 private security and 120 police on site.

Dock-less hire bikes

  • Parklands management is monitoring the new dock-less bike program. Any abandoned bicycles are impounded and collected by the bike company.
  • The concept encourages cycling and the growth of the cycling community.

Community Consultative Committee 2018

  • The current chair has reached the end of term. A new chair will be elected. There is one vacancy on the CCC and the position has been advertised.

Major events

  • The Listen Out music festival was a success. Parklands management was commended for its rapid response to waste management complaints.
  • Noise complaints were significantly lower than previous years due to improved technology, sound checks and noise monitoring.

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Next meeting: Wednesday 8 November 2017.